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Australian trumpeter Josh Rogan made his debut solo performance with the Tasmanian Symphony at age 21. He is now “making his international mark” (Cut Common Magazine) by performing in venues around the world such as the Sydney Opera House, Australia; Royal Albert Hall, United Kingdom; Walt Disney Concert Hall, United States of America; Royal Concertgebouw, Netherlands; Shanghai Concert Hall, China; and the Berlin Konzerthaus, Germany.

Mr. Rogan has performed with a number of highly renowned ensembles, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Principal Brass of the New York Philharmonic, Australian Brass Quintet, and the New World Symphony. As an orchestral player he has performed with many distinguished conductors including Plácido Domingo and Christoph Eschenbach, and collaborated with influential composers such as John Williams, Esa-Pekka Salonen, and Matthias Pintscher. Mr. Rogan has also worked with internationally recognised artists from Joshua Bell to Kristin Chenoweth, and recorded albums with popular singers Anthony Callea and Josh Pyke.

Josh Rogan is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, the Australian National Academy of Music, and the Colburn School. He holds the position of Sub-Principal Trumpet with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.


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Josh Rogan- 100 Days of Excerpts


List of Compositions

Monologue for Solo Tuba (2009) View Here
Adventures and Distortions- Brass Quintet (2011) View Here
Concertpiece for Band- Brass Band (2011) View Here
Daenerys- Solo Violin (2011) View Here
Moto Perpetuo- Two Trumpets (2012) View Here
Music- Piccolo Trumpet and Bb Trumpet (2012) View Here
Four Sketches for Horn Quartet (2013) View Here
A Flourish-ish Fanfare- Two Trumpets (2014) View Here
Rhapsody on a Theme- Tuba and Strings (2014) View Here
Fanfare, Reflection, and Ending- Two Trumpets (2015) View Here
Ad lib- Two Trumpets (2016) View Here
"Entrance"- Solo Trumpet (2016) View Here
Reflections- Flugel, Horn, and Trombone (2017) View Here

List of Arrangements

Pokarekare Ana (Brass Quintet) View Here
Ravel, Bolero (Brass Quintet) View Here
Bruckner, Locus iste (Brass Quartet) View Here
Tallis, If ye love me (Brass Quartet) View Here
Bennet, Weep o mine eyes (Brass Quartet) View Here
Byrd, Ave Verum Corpus (Brass Quartet) View Here
Handel, La Rejouissance (2 Trumpets) View Here

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Teaching Philosophy

I began playing music in a community brass band, learning from my parents, and listening to the amateur musicians in the band who were simply playing for fun. Later, I received tuition from world class institutions and internationally recognized teachers, while performing with advanced and professional musicians. Both of these things have led me to believe that learning a brass instrument should always be about producing a sound that is beautiful to listen to, and that this can be achieved through focused attention, rather than by eliminating the fun of music.

Much of my teaching is done through demonstration, and through practical application. I teach that you can create a fantastic product if you work on mastering the many simple aspects of music, rather than only trying to fix difficult passages and struggling through challenging exercises.

I believe that if you consistently play simple exercises with the highest level of execution, then you are building the habit of excellence. This allows beginners to sound better much quicker, and allows all musicians to improve consistently, and eventually the habit of excellence will be so strong that even the challenging aspects of music are performed with ease and conviction.

I have written some books to work on trumpet playing and learning. If you would like to view them, you can find them here.

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