Four Sketches for Horn Quartet.pdf

Four Sketches for Horn Quartet.pdf


This work for horn quartet is in 4 Movements. It is written for a formal performance setting, but could be used for a less serious occasion too. The piece is about 12 minutes in total duration.

Please see below for more details and recordings of the piece.

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Here is a live recording of the first movement of the work, as performed at its premiere. Also, you will find midi recordings of all 4 movements to give an idea of what the piece sounds like.


Movement 1 (Fragments) introduces the sound world of this piece, and features different sounds 'bouncing around' each other to create different melodies and harmonies. (Please see below for live recording of this movement)

Movement 2 (Breakdown) is an exciting rhythmic movement, where all four horns play their independent lines, which join together to create a somewhat 'groovy' melody. This movement is short, entertaining, and would also be a great encore piece on its own.

Movement 3 (Reflection) portrays a more relaxed mood, where timing is much more free, and the listener is drawn along through the shifting harmonies by each note in the musical line. It then transforms into a 'floating' section, and segues into the next movement.

Movement 4 (Interlude and Finale) revisits the original 'bouncing sounds' idea, progresses to another rhythmically intricate 'groovy' motive, and finally reaches a stable, sonorous melody that showcases the brilliance and majestic sound of all four horns together, giving a satisfying close to this unique work.