Adventures and Distortions for Brass Quintet.pdf

Adventures and Distortions for Brass Quintet.pdf


This piece, originally composed for a composition competition run through the Melbourne International Festival of Brass, is primarily theme-based and features 3 different sections.

The first theme is layered and displays rhythmically interesting harmonies, the second is relaxed in nature, and the third is exciting and would be appropriate backing to a battle scene. These themes are first displayed in the exposition, then revisited and developed, with one extra theme of lament added.

The title, Adventures and Distortions refers to the nature of the themes depicting different imaginary adventures, and then the themes are distorted to create an alternate story. This piece would be appropriate for a recital, and would be an enjoyable addition for the audience to listen to.

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Here is a recording of the piece, so that you can hear what it sounds like. Unfortunately, it is only a midi-file, but it will still help you to hear what the piece contains.